Become a Participant

Why Should I Participate?

The Voter Choice Project is about understanding why people vote: so the most simple answer to why you should participate is to tell the politicians why you voted the way you did. So you can be heard… be more than just a number on election night.

Have you ever had a feeling during an election campaign that none of the politicians are speaking to you? That they don’t understand what is important to you?

Or are you the most loyal party supporter, and would like to do something to help your party campaign better?

Maybe you are someone that doesn’t care about elections so much, but cares about an issue that’s close to your heart, and would like to help improve how your cause can get their message out and change some hearts and minds to make Australia a better place?

Because we do not have good research on how Australian voters choose who to vote for, there is a real disconnect between politicians, political campaigns, and voters. When politicians say things like “the message of the voters is clear”, they are usually just saying what they want the message to be, because we do not have a tradition in this country of asking people why they voted one way or the other.

By telling us your reasons for voting, and what helped you get to that decision, we can tell politicians what the message behind the vote really is. We can also tell the professionals who work on campaigns of all kinds when and how you want to be informed about what matters, so you can be informed when you vote.

Or, if you’d like to tell them to leave you alone and that you don’t want to vote at all, we can pass on that message too.

The more people that participate in the study, the more we will learn about the diverse range of ways that Australians come to their voting decisions, and what voters really care about.

So whether you want your reasons for voting to be heard, want to help your party or cause, or want to make Australia a better democracy, take part in the Voter Choice Project and you can be a voice, not just a number.

Who Can Participate?

Any Australian registered voter can participate in the Voter Choice Project.

If you are 17 and have provisionally enrolled to vote, or are otherwise eligible to enrol and plan to enrol in time to vote for the election, you can also participate. Silent electors and registered overseas electors are also strongly encouraged to participate.

Whether you take voting very seriously and consider it an important civic duty, vote for the same party you always do, consider voting a joke or waste of time, or anything in between, everyone’s contributions are equally important. You don’t need to be a political nerd (but you can be), you won’t be asked lots of hard questions about the electoral process, and you don’t even need to follow the election.

Supporters of all parties, swinging voters and those who would rather not vote are all wanted in the panel.

The panel study involves an initial survey, followed by monthly surveys until the election is called, then weekly surveys each week for the official campaign, one on election day and one final survey after the election.

You will need to answer a minimum of 7 surveys which average 15 -20 minutes in duration, and your total time commitment over the entire study is about 4 hours. In the event the election is not called until May 2019, our original participants who have been with us since June may end up committing up to 5 hours. However, there are many open text boxes where you can write as much as you like in the surveys. We note that some people have been writing quite long comments and that obviously takes considerable time. If you like to write lengthy comments, please allow extra time.

Read more about what is involved in being a participant.