By-election pilot study

Five by-elections have been called in the electorates of Perth, Fremantle, Longman, Mayo and Braddon. The Voter Choice Project is conducting a pilot study on these by-elections which will begin once we have a date for ‘Super Saturday’. A pilot study is a smaller study to test how things will work to help refine the design of the main study.

If you live in these electorates we would love you to participate in the Voter Choice Project by-election pilot study. You will have the opportunity to be heard: say why you are voting and what you care about. You will also help us learn about your electorate and improve the study for the federal election.

Participant Information

There are three questionnaires in the by-election pilot study (as opposed to at least seven in the main study).

The study will begin with an initial questionnaire once the date is set, or if you sign up after the date is announced, as soon as we have verified you are on the electoral roll. (If you are not on the electoral roll yet but registering soon, or are a silent elector, please email us to let us know that so you can still participate.) After you sign up using the form below, we will verify your details, then send you an invitation email with a unique link to your first questionnaire. The last day you can sign up is the day the nominations close.

A second questionnaire will be sent out 10 days before the by-election, and a final questionnaire will be sent on election day.

You will be asked many of the same questions as are intended for the main study: who you are intending to vote for, your interest in politics generally, what political conversations you have had, and what political news or campaign material you have been exposed to, and some questions about yourself, your friends, family and the people you work with. For each questionnaire, you will receive a new invitation email with a unique link.

At the end of the final questionnaire you will be asked if you would like to participate in the main study. We hope you will! We will save your answers so you don’t have to answer the same questions again.

Time Commitment

Each questionnaire should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete, but the amount of time will vary greatly depending on how much you have engaged with the campaign, and other factors such as if you have changed who you are intending to vote for, or if you like to write a lot in the comment boxes. In total your time commitment for the entire study is one hour.

We understand your time is valuable, and greatly appreciate your participation.

Participation Form

Please complete this form to register and take part in the Voter Choice Project. Your details will be verified against the Australian Electoral Roll, and then you will be sent an email invite to the first questionnaire when it is ready.

If you are 17 or otherwise eligible to vote but not yet enrolled, you can still participate in the study. We will recheck your enrolment status when the roll closes for the by-election. If you are a silent elector, let us know by emailing info@voterchoice.com.au.

A great deal of effort has gone in to planning the privacy protections around this study so you can be confident your details are secure. Your personal details and your individual responses to the questionnaires will never be released as part of any results nor with any part of the dataset. Find out more about how your privacy is protected on our FAQs page.

If you are a registered overseas voter who no longer has an Australian address, please use this form to sign up instead.

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For more information, please visit our FAQs page.