Federal Study Participant Information

Participant Information

The study will begin with an initial questionnaire in June 2018. You will receive an invitation email with a unique link to your questionnaire. If you sign up after June 2018, you will receive your email invitation a few days after you sign up in the next batch of invites. The last day you can sign up is the day the Federal election is called, but we’d appreciate most people signing up by the end of July 2018.

Each month until the election is called you will receive an additional questionnaire just to keep track of what you are thinking and to stay in touch.

Once the federal election has been called, a weekly questionnaire will be administered each Thursday focusing on who you are intending to vote for, what political conversations you have had, and what political news or campaign material you have been exposed to. For each questionnaire, you will receive a new invitation email with a unique code. No new participants will be able to sign up at this point.

On election day most people will receive an invitation to participate in an exit poll type questionnaire that will ask you who you actually voted for.

One final questionnaire two weeks after the election will ask you to reflect back on the election campaign as a whole.


Control Panel

You may be emailed and told you have been assigned to the control panel. Controls are used in research studies as a way of verifying the research. In this study, a control group is being used to determine if the process of repeatedly interviewing people alters the way people make their decisions.

If you have been assigned to the control panel, all that means is you will get less questionnaires. Your email will tell you when to expect your questionnaires. If you really don’t want to be in the control group, you can email info@voterchoice.com.au and ask to be put in the main study.


Time Commitment

The first questionnaire is the longest one taking about 20 minutes to complete. The following questionnaires will generally be shorter, but the amount of time will vary greatly depending on how much your have engaged with the campaign, and other factors such as if you have changed who you are intending to vote for, or if you like to write a lot in the comment boxes.

The minimum number of questionnaires you will be given to answer is 7. The maximum will depend on when the election is called, and whether it is a 5 or 6 week campaign. We are currently working on a model of the election being held on October 20, 2018, which would result in 10 questionnaires being delivered. The latest possibility of a May 2019 election would need 15 or 16 questionnaires, but in that eventuality we’ll make some of the questionnaires much shorter.

Your total time commitment across the entire study is estimated at 4 hours; 5 hours in the event of a May 2019 election. This includes allowing some additional time here and there for comments or longer answers that you might like to make.

We do appreciate your time is important, and by participating in this study we thank you for giving us a great deal of your time. Some questionnaires will give you the option to end the questionnaire early if you are busy. If you miss a questionnaire, that’s ok too, just rejoin us for the next one.