Short surveys

Anyone can participate in the Voter Choice Project through short surveys. Each one takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete, or a little longer if you like to make long comments. Sometimes you can participate in these anonymously but we always ask your age, gender, postcode and electorate, as well as who you voted for in the last election and are currently intending to vote for in the next election, for analysis purposes.

Note: these are the last short surveys – you must sign up to the panel to participate in the weekly surveys between the Budget and Election Day.

Monthly survey for the Voter Choice Project panel

The March survey is now open and will close on March 24. This is the last monthly survey. Read more about what happens during the formal campaign period.

Monthly surveys are only for registered members of the Voter Choice Project panel. To join, sign up and complete the catch-up survey. You will be sent an automatic email with a link to the catch-up survey or you can use the link below.

More catch-up questions

Missed a survey and really wanted to answer something? Perhaps you didn’t have time to do all the questions? Below are some of the question blocks from our previous surveys which you can answer at your convenience.

These are only for members of the Voter Choice Project panel. Completing these mini-surveys will not change the results on the blog, but will be used in the deeper analysis and reporting conducted after the election.

More about you

These questions ask more about you, what you think is important, your political activity and views, and your friends and family. These are the most important for you to answer.

Political involvement (originally asked in September)

Minority (originally asked in October)

Friends, Family and political discussions (originally asked in November)

Leadership (originally asked in December)

Religion (originally asked in December)

Community involvement (originally asked in January)

Electoral system (originally asked in February)

Issue questions

These are the short surveys on specific political issues.

Energy (originally asked in August)

Welfare (originally asked in August)

Republic (originally asked in August)

Corruption (originally asked in August)

Health (originally asked in August)

Housing (originally asked in August)

Indigenous reconciliation (originally asked in August)

Refugees and Asylum Seekers (originally asked in August)

Quick Issues (originally asked in October)

Drought (originally asked in October)

NBN (originally asked in November)

Adani (originally asked in December)

Public transport (originally asked in January)

Party questions

These are the short surveys on the more prominent political parties.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (originally asked in July)

Australian Greens (originally asked in September)

Centre Alliance (originally asked in October)

Katter’s Australian Party (originally asked in November)

Australian Labor Party (originally asked in December)

Liberal Party (originally asked in December)

National Party (originally asked in January)