Wentworth By-election study

The Wentworth by-election has been set for October 20. Registration for the By-election Study has now closed.

You can, however, take part in our Quick Poll.

The following information will remain online for participants’ reference.

By taking part in the by-election study you will have the opportunity to say what matters to you, and why you voted the way you did. This is an opportunity for you to be heard, and for your vote to be appreciated.

This study is the same as the by-election studies we did for Super Saturday by-elections, with two exceptions. We will ask some additional questions of those who identify as Jewish to investigate the significant Jewish vote, and a couple of other questions about your local community to more deeply examine local differences within an electorate, which was a finding of the Super Saturday studies.

To be fully transparent, Raphaella lived in Wentworth for the past 6 years (as well as 20 years ago) and was an active member of the Jewish community there, and also knows the Labor candidate Tim Murray through her volunteer work at Tamarama SLSC. This local knowledge will be drawn upon to more deeply investigate Wentworth than the other 5 by-elections. Having moved from Bondi to Townsville the week of the leadership spill, however, she won’t be voting in this by-election.

Participant Information

There are three surveys in the by-election study,¬†¬†beginning with an initial survey as soon as you register. Your confirmation email will have a link to your first survey – check your junk mail if you don’t receive it, or there’s a back up link on the surveys page.

A second survey will be sent out on Wednesday October 10, and a final ‘exit poll’ survey will be sent on Thursday October 18 – this final survey is to be completed only after you cast your vote.

You will be asked many of the same questions as the main study: who you are intending to vote for, your interest in politics generally, what political conversations you have had, and what political news or campaign material you have been exposed to, and some questions about yourself, your friends, family and the people you work with. For each survey, you will receive a new invitation email with a unique link.

At the end of the final survey you will be asked if you would like to continue in the main study. We hope you will! We will save your answers so you don’t have to answer the same questions again. You will only answer one extra survey compared to everyone else.

If you are already in the main study, you will have the normal ‘who do you plan to vote for’ questions replaced with specific questions about the by-election in the September and October surveys, and the extra exit poll survey. You do not need to sign up again.¬†

Time Commitment

The first survey will take about 20 minutes to complete, and the following two surveys should only take 10-15 minutes. However, the amount of time will vary greatly depending on how much you have engaged with the campaign, and other factors such as if you have changed who you are intending to vote for, or if you like to write a lot in the comment boxes. In total your time commitment for the by-election study is maximum one hour. If you participate in the main study as well your entire commitment time is about five hours, assuming the election is in May (20 minutes a month).

We understand your time is valuable, and greatly appreciate your participation.