What will happen in the formal campaign period

Thank you for completing the March Survey of the Voter Choice Project.

That was the last of our monthly surveys! From here, we go to weekly surveys for the formal campaign period, and one last survey two weeks after the election to find out how you feel about the result.

Each week after the budget you’ll get a survey on Thursday, and it will close on the Sunday.

The weekly surveys will be very repetitive and you will get sick of them. We’re sorry about that: many different attempt in design were tried to reduce the repetition, but because everyone may change who they vote for in any given week, we do need to ask the full battery of questions each week.  We’ll try and keep it as interesting as we can, and as short as we can.

The five weekly surveys will be the results formally analysed in detail for Raphaella’s PhD thesis. In early April we’ll be sending more information out about this, and at the start of the first weekly survey (currently scheduled for April 18 if it is a May 18 election) you’ll be asked if you consent to your anonymised data being used for the PhD, including being made available to researchers outside the Voter Choice Project. There is absolutely no obligation to consent to this, you are more than welcome to enjoy your regular venting in the Voter Choice Project surveys and we’ll keep your responses secure.

If you have friends or family that may be interested in taking part, they can still sign up until April 10.